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Master Instructor

Sr. Professor Frank Shekosky - Sensei Shekosky is the Founder and Master instructor of Cromwell Martial Arts. Sensei Shekosky has traveled extensively to learn from Martial Arts experts such as Grand Master Remy Presas, Grand Master Wally Jay, and Grand Master Joe Lewis. Sensei Shekosky is ranked 7th degree black belt in kenpo karate, 6th degree black belt in okinawan weapons, and was named a senior student in Modern Arnis under Grand Master Remy A. Presas. Sensei Shekosky is a certified Master Instructor, has been a certified personal fitness trainer with The National Academy Of Sports Medicine (NASM) and he has earned his Bachelor of Science Degree at Charter Oak State College. Sensei Shekosky instructs the instructor staff, adult group classes and private lessons for both adults and kids. Professor Shekosky was featured in the book Kenpo Continuum II, instructs seminars both inside and outside of Cromwell Martial Arts and was the sword handling consultant for the book " Onboard The Marauder. " Sensei Shekosky was inducted into the International Modern rnis Hall of Fame Foundation in June 2015. He has been inducted into The United States Martial Arts Hall Of Fame for weapons Master of the year and into the World Karate Union Hall Of Fame as Kenpo Karate Master Instructor Of The Year.[Photo]

Instructors (Sifu's)

Sifu James Navarro - Sifu Jim is ranked 5th degree black belt in kenpo karate and a 1st degree black belt in Modern Arnis Ju Jitsu and Kobujutsu. Jim instructs Adult classes. [Photo]

Sifu Joe Muscatello - Sifu Joe is ranked 5th degree black belt in Kenpo, 3rd degree Black Belt in Modern Arnis, certified master level instructor, and is the Director of our youth program. [Photo]

Sifu Wayne Macke - Sifu Wayne is ranked 5th degree black belt in Kenpo Karate, certified master level instructor, and has trained in various other arts. Wayne teaches adult and sparring classes and is currently studying Modern Arnis. He is also the Webmaster for the school website . [Photo]

Sifu Anthony Czesak - Sifu Anthony is ranked 4th degree black belt in Kenpo Karate, has competed very sucessfully in tournament competiton and is ranked in Kobujutsu (weapons). [Photo]

Alicia Schmidt - Alicia is a black belt and teaches our youth classes.

Chris Goss - Chris is a 3rd degree brown belt and instructs youth classes.

Mike Young - Mike is ranked 3rd degree brown belt and instructs our youth classes and assists in our adult classes.

Additional Instructors and Assistants

Isaiah Salafia- Isaiah is ranked 3rd brown and assist instructs childrens classes.

Tim Lavalley - Tim is ranked 3rd degree brown belt and helps assist and lead childrens classes.

Carlton Overton, Jr. is ranked brown belt and instructs childrens classes.

Additional assistants: Kyle Dale, Hind Fares, Badr Fares, Eric Czech, Victor Triay, Andrew Smikle, Ashley Chuang, Isaiah Salafia, Sophie Naylor, Fiona Fay, and Alex Matulis.

* In addition to conducting clases in a controlled and safe manner, CMA instructors attend periodic CPR and First Aid classes so that we will provide the safest training possible for our students.

Operations Assistants
Wayne Macke

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